Robb Flynn (Machine Head) kritisiert Avenged Sevenfolds Hail to the King

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    • Robb Flynn (Machine Head) kritisiert Avenged Sevenfolds Hail to the King

      HIER könnt ihr seine "Kritik" nachlesen.

      Robb Flynn frontman of Machine Head has posted a rather cheeky new blog taking aim at Avenged Sevenfold’s chat-topping new album, Hail To The King.

      Have a read below…

      “Congratulations to Avenged Sevenfold on their latest “covers album” coming in at #1, who knew that re-recording Metallica, Guns N Roses, and Megadeth songs could be such a worldwide hit!!?? Ba-dap Psssssss!!

      I’m on fire!!

      In case you’ve been living under a rock, Avenged came in at #1 in multiple countries throughout the world. I’m happy for them. Good band. And while I like the new record, and really dug the last record “Nightmare”, hopefully we’re all coming down from our post-orgasmic #1-album-bliss, because it’s time to call a spade a spade!! It’s time to poke a little fun at A7X, cause there’s some blatant jackery goin’ on there wiggas!!

      So here are my top 10 jokes about the new Avenged Sevenfold record:

      10) Avenged Sevenfold – “Now with even MORE Metallica”

      9) Avenged Sevenfold to change name to “Sad But Two”

      Number of “spurting penises” drawn on Avenged logos suddenly skyrockets

      7) Eyeliner sales skyrocket as thousands of heartbroken goth girls realize “Hail To The King” is actually “that ugly AC/DC bands song ‘Thunderstruck’”

      6) After hearing “Heretic”, Dave Mustaine flips out, blames Obama, Metallica and UFO’s for the A7X stealing “Symphony Of Destruction”.

      5) After seeing how much success the band Bush had stealing other band names for song titles, A7X decided to steal “In Flames” for latest chorus. Future chorus lyrics include “Tr-vi-um” and “Kill-switch En-gage”

      4) Upon hearing latest album, Lars Ulrich goes all gangsta, breaks bottle of Dom Perignon on M. Shadows head, while his 11ft girlfriend put Shadows in headlock, as he screams in Shadows face, “You’re gonna rip off St. Anger next right, HUH? You’re gonna rip off St Anger NEXT RIGHT? HUH, HUH, HUH!!”

      3) “Black album” sales skyrocket as fans realise where new songs came from.

      2) After hearing Avenged’s Guns N Roses cover “Doing Time”, Axl actually calls Slash, says, “Dude, What The Fuck?!”

      1) And the #1 joke about the new Avenged Sevenfold album: Avenged Sevenfold release statement that they’re NOT ripping off Metallica, announce side project with Lou Reed.



      Das das Album von Metal-Elitisten gehated wird, wundert mich nicht (bei diesem Haufen wundert mich gar nichts mehr). Aber von Robb Flynn bin ich enttäuscht. Er ist ein professioneller Musiker und Kollege. Wer hätte gedacht, dass er sowas nötig hätte und das es ihm an der Intelligenz mangelt, um das Konzept hinter diesem Album zu begreifen. Naja, Neid hat schon so manchem die Sicht verklärt. Als nächstes sagt er noch, A7X hätten ihr Logo von Overkill geklaut :icon_doh:
      The nightmare abates. But the dark forces will rally.
      The hero must raise an army, or darkness will triumph. He cannot fight alone.

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    • ganz meine Meinung ;) ihr solltet euch mal die Kommentare auf dem Video von This Means War reinziehen, seit dieser Vollidiot diesen Shit gepostet hat. Selten so einen Shitstorm erlebt von wegen This Means War = Sad But True. A7X zu dissen scheint so ne Art Volkssport in der Wanna-be-True-Metal-Community geworden zu sein. 95 Prozent der Vergleiche, die ich in den Kommentaren lese sind erzwungener Bullshit.
      The nightmare abates. But the dark forces will rally.
      The hero must raise an army, or darkness will triumph. He cannot fight alone.
    • Hier Matts statement nochmal ausgeschrieben zum besseren Verständnis.

      “Actually, Chris Jericho sent it to me [Tuesday] morning,” Shadows tells Canada’s 106.9 The Bear radio show. “He’s, like, ‘Dude, look at this B.S.’ [He was] going crazy. And I was, like, ‘Ah, Chris, I love you.’ But I read it, and I read it as a joke. I have met Robb on numerous occasions and he’s always been cool to me. And I just read it as a joke. I really don’t know what to say about it other than I agree with him on the Metallica Sad But True thing — that was obviously an inspiration for that song. Everything else, I kind of think he… If it is a joke, it was kind of overboard, ’cause it doesn’t make sense in my mind.

      “But at the same time, he was saying it was a joke, so… I have no ill will towards those guys. I’ve met [Machine Head guitarist] Phil [Demmel] a couple of times; he’s cool. Robb is cool. And I think the guy has the right to go make… if it’s really a joke, in his mind… Some people might see it as being as an underhanded… joke. But, to me, if he just wants to go in there and write whatever he wants, I think that’s totally cool. Everyone has an opinion and everyone should be entitled to say whatever they want. So it’s no skin off our backs.”

      “I think all the bands he said we were very inspired by…Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones. I think when you take a record like this and the way metal has become very blast-beat, screamy-oriented, when you kind of take things back and go to a more classic-rock feel, you’re gonna feel the similarities to what we were trying to do; we were trying to make an Avenged Sevenfold album from the early ’90s and late ’80s. It was just something that really intringued us and interested us. And so, for me, I think all those bands have always been an influence — you can hear that on City Of Evil. And Metallica has, obviously, influenced every single band that picked up a guitar and plays metal. So, yeah, all those bands, plus all the old greats.”

      Hier noch ein statement von Syn via DBN:

      Thorny issue in the band’s career, the criticism about the originality of their riffs doesn’t seem to bother the guitarist, who shrugs. The leader of Machine Head, Robb Flynn, posted on Facebook that “Hail To The King” is just a bunch of “covers” of Metallica, Guns ‘N Roses and Megadeath.

      “I honestly have nothing to say to to him. Every band has to learn to deal with criticism during their career and it’s natural for us. I guess that’s a hell of a compliment when we’re compared to large groups, namely those who we admire that have weight and groove in music such as AC/DC, Metallica and Led Zeppelin.”
      The nightmare abates. But the dark forces will rally.
      The hero must raise an army, or darkness will triumph. He cannot fight alone.
    • Vengeance schrieb:

      Naja was soll man dazu sagen? Am besten nichts :D
      Komischer Typ, wer auch immer er ist.
      Ein geiler Musiker, die mit seiner Band seit 20 Jahren Metalscheiben auf ganz hohem Niveau rausbringt ( The Blackening) Aber einen Schatten bekommt man davon, sicherlich hat den Avenged Sevenfold auch irgenwo :icon_rolleyesnew: Also in ihrem Genre sind Machine Head eine Korefe, und sicherlich nicht nötig neidisch oder so sowas zu sein. Sorry, muss einfach in die Presche springen für diese Band. Wenn ich nach dem Frontmann gegangen wäre, hätte ich mr Guns `n Roses u.s.w nie angehört :icon_biggrin:

      Wenn ihr auf geile harte Rhymten und spielerisch Leichtigkeit an den Instrumenten steht, ANHÖREN . Und die Band wo der Frontmann eine T-Shirt an hat PANTERA solltet ihr euch mal anhören. Cowboys from hell !

      Zum neuem Album, werde bisher noch nicht :icon_waffe13: mit. Planets ist aber schonmal geil !

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